Common Questions


1. What areas do you cover?

Ohope to Pukehina on to coast to Paengaroa inland to Piarere. South down Waikato River to Whakamaru across to Wairakei. Up to Murapara/Galatea and back to Ohope.

2. Do you deal with council consents and applications?

Yes. We can deal with the council process from application forms, plan submission and planning, if required. The complete process when we are engaged under agreement with you.

3. Are there other options for cladding?

There are many options out in the market place, so wanting to match your house exterior is normal. Yes we can, in most cases match, provided the existing is not under licence or supply agreement with an approved distributor or applicator.

4. Although the standard height is 2.4 metres, can you go higher for Motor Homes or Boats?

We have a range of height options each requiring and meeting a different standard that meets the Building Code. Above certain heights. Changes made to specification and structural timber will allow garage heights to increase considerably.

5. Can we change/convert the garage later to a sleepout when the kids are older?

A common misconception is a garage can become a sleepout automatically. Planning now for the future can save a lot of red tape and expense later. Our Kits have building paper to the walls, other options should be discussed before building, such as corner studs, ground clearance etc. Contact us to discuss further.

6. What are your terms and conditions?

View full terms here.

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